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What makes this shirt unique?

A lot of things set this shirt apart from the rest of the pack! First, this shirt is intended for the style conscious and discerning. This shirt is made of 100% cotton and features the Quantum Cat Designs logo tag printed on the back of the collar. This design is also printed in the USA and helps support American industry and provide jobs for Americans. This print pattern is also intricate and complex with many colors meaning that finding a printer willing to print this design was not easy. Given the attention to detail and intricacy of the shirt design this shirt costs a bit more than a lot of the shirts sold at giant chain stores, but the style and the willingness of the designers to go the extra mile make this shirt a good buy.

This shirt was originally a painting by San Diego artist Grace Helms. Ariel is the name of one of the twelve in the sacred and highest order of archangels. Ariel is in the same high quire of arch angels as Raphael and Michael. All of the highest quire of archangels are dedicated to helping us humans progress and develop as the radiant souls we all truly are despite all of our flaws. All twelve of the archangels in the highest quire work in all ways to better the lives of humans each archangel has chosen a particular area of special personal interest. Some are focused on things like medicine or the administration of law as it pertains to us mortals. Ariel is considered to be the angel most focused and dedicated to the issue of romantic love and healing damaged hearts. Ariel is considered to represent feminine energy at its best and highest level. Hooray for Ariel! This design is a wonderful conversation starter and great shirt to wear at social gatherings or when attending yoga classes, it shows a bit of spiritual side with the artistic style.


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