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Art Deco

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What makes this shirt a great find?

Like all of the women’s t-shirts featured on the Quantum Cat Designs web site, this shirt is a little more expensive than what is commonly found in a typical big box store. Our shirts are made in the USA of 100% cotton and we insist on printing our own artistically unique labels. Like all of our women’s T-shirts, this image is very intricate and is a challenge to produce for even an experienced printer. It was not easy for me to find a printer willing to take the time and energy to make this design.

This image was originally painted by San Diego artist Grace Helms, and has a 1930’s art deco sort of feel. This image is a great and stylish addition to any fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe. This illustrated shirt is great for a casual trip running errands around town, an easy day relaxing with friends, or a night on the town.


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