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Design Gallery

Think of our Design Gallery as an online art gallery. It includes articles of clothing previously made on a very limited scale. These may or may not be put into production, since the production process, as compared to the design process, is far more complicated.

We share these with the wish that, as with any art gallery, it is a pleasure for visitors simply to view the designs. Click on any image below for a description and closer look.

Purple Zebra

Purple Zebra

This shirt was designed in 2012 for my father's birthday. I thought it would be a great idea to have some cool new shirts made as he was starting a new decade of life. He has been very intensively involved in his church and church-sponsored charity activities since retiring. Trips to Ecuador and Peru on rural water-purification projects have been his focus over the past few years.

Purple Zebra has a laid-back and spiritual energy, perhaps because purple has long been associated with the spiritual realm. My father has always been a bit of a spiritual seeker, and my mother told me that his color pallete over the last few years has tended toward purple. So of course, his color preference influenced my design decisions for this shirt.

Purple Zebra


This shirt has a strong China vibe. The design has a very powerful and almost electric look on film. For me, the shirt captures the intense sense of movement and energy of contemporary Shanghai.

Purple Zebra

St. Germain

This shirt was one I designed for my father's birthday in 2012. Since my mother said that purple is now my father's primary wardrobe base, I decided on a purple motif.

The family members of one of my childhood friends were members of a small spiritual sect called the I AM Foundation. Part of this group's belief system was the veneration of Saint Germain. Another was believing in the healing power of the color purple. Scientists have recently verified that indigo light kills bacteria and works well as a sterilizing agent. There might be something to the power of the color purple!

To the I AM Foundation, the color purple was also a symbol of divinity. These members were to spend a certain portion of every day sitting in front of a purple light. All church publications were printed and bound in purple, and the local church itself had a completely purple interior. The intense purple of this shirt reminds me of the purple lights, carpeting, chairs, and robes associated with the I AM Foundation.

Purple Zebra

Mission District

The Mission District is currently considered by many to be the hippest and edgiest neighborhood in San Francisco. This neighborhood has traditionally been made up primarily of working-class Latin Americans. In recent years, the high cost of rents across the city has made this neighborhood an attractive place for young professionals and artists. The combination of hardworking Latin immigrants, young urban professionals, and bohemians creates an interesting cultural mix.

For the last few years, my brother, Nik, has called the Mission District home. This shirt has a whimsical urban vibe reminiscent of my brother's neighborhood.

Purple Zebra

Rock Steady II

This shirt was designed for my Indian friend Sonny. These days, Sonny is a man of many trades. He has training in classical Indian music and plays lead guitar in a Seattle rock band. When not making music, Sonny deals in new and vintage vinyl records. He is also starting his own vinyl-based music label.

This shirt pays tribute to this great Indian indie rocker.

Purple Zebra

Master Chef

This shirt was designed for one of the cooks on the tugboat where I have been working regularly for years. It incorporates vegetables and the checkerboard motif popular with kitchen staff. The shirt is a salute to the chef in all of us.

Purple Zebra

Opposites Attract

This shirt is a tribute to doing everything in opposites. The sleeves are opposite colors, as are the sides. Many people have really liked this shirt over the years.

I plan to put a shirt like this into production in the not-too-distant future.

Purple Zebra


This shirt was an experiment. The black fabric is a polyester curtain fabric. This shirt looks like a million dollars, and almost everyone who sees it loves it.

Problem was, the back side of the black fabric is a bit itchy. At first I thought there was no way this shirt would ever see production. Happily, I have since discovered that sewing in a lining of rayon fixes the trouble and makes this shirt very comfortable.

The downside of this design is that the base fabric is a bit expensive, and the lining adds to the production cost. That means this shirt will cost a few more bucks than some of my other shirts, but hey, what it’s worth to have a shirt that looks like a million? Look for this shirt to go into production in the not-too-distant future.

Purple Zebra

Cheap Trick

This shirt inspires a night on the town, as it reminds me of the chessboard décor favored by the band Cheap Trick. This band, a blend of pop, punk, and metal, did a very popular cover of “Don't be Cruel” in the 1980s, and they have plenty of original tunes. Covers of their own classic songs may make them one of the most covered rock bands.

Purple Zebra

Sunday Brunch

This shirt was another of the shirts I designed for my father, to commemorate a special birthday. While it doesn’t continue the purple theme of his other shirts, it does convey a subdued and relaxed state of mind.

I have fond memories from my youth of going out with my family for Sunday brunch in spring. This design evokes feelings of relaxing Sundays and those Sunday brunches, the mood of a spring morning and brunch at your favorite restaurant.

I plan to eventually have a line of Sunday Brunch shirts.