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Elf Queen

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Why should I spend my money on this shirt?

You should spend your money on this shirt first because it is stylish and cool! This design allows your inner class and style to be expressed externally; whats not to like! The second reason this shirt is great is because it is made in the USA and helps support American industry and provide jobs for Americans! This shirt is also made of 100% cotton and has our own Quantum Cat Designs label printed on the back of the collar region. This image is also made with an attention to detail most other t-shirts lack. Finding a print shop willing to take on the printing contract for this shirt was not easy. This design is full of different colors and is very intricate and complex, thus being a challenge for even experienced printers. There was no cheap way to produce this shirt, so yes, this shirt costs a bit more than some of the other t-shirts found at a lot of big box stores; however, this shirt has a degree of style and social responsibility that the competition lacks.

This design was based on an original paining by San Diego artist Grace Helms. This image is meant to invoke thoughts of Tolkien tales and inspirations of the imagination. This print is great for just lounging around on a quiet rainy afternoon or going out with friends for an unforgettable outing. Great for running and other active pursuits!


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