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More people today see environmental issues as important, regardless of their own political leanings. The information provided on our website concerning the environmental, and social, implications of various fabrics is not intended to be an anti-business stump speech. And it is not an effort to promote any left-wing political views. 

We are among the increasing numbers of businesses that believe being ecologically and socially responsible is a sensible as well as profitable business practice. As former IBM executive Bob Willard puts it, “Saving the world and making a profit is not an either/or proposition; it is a both/and proposition. Good environmental and social programs make good business sense.”

 At Quantum Cat Designs, we simply look at the ecological and social issues surrounding a particular fabric and provide our customers information. This info is based on our own basic research into the production of various fabrics, and it is offered as a resource for those customers who would like to consider it. Nothing more, nothing less.