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Q: Is Quantum Cat Designs an apparel manufacturing company?
A: Yes, and no. Quantum Cat Designs is a one-man design studio, and I have a line of clothing for sale to vendors and to the general public. I contract out the manufacturing to those I think will do the job right.


Q: Do you ever work with other people when designing garments?
A: Yes, I work with many different people on an independent contractor basis. I really do not like the idea of being anyone’s boss.


Q: Do you have any formal training in fashion design?
A: No, fashion design was something I just fell into.


Q: What did you do before becoming a designer of men’s apparel?
A: After my years living in Taipei, Taiwan, I worked for a while as a high school teacher in Salinas, California. I took a summer fishing job in Alaska in 1999, and since then, I have been working on boats. I started out in the Alaskan fishing industry and then quickly got my Merchant Mariner’s Documents and started working in the Merchant Marine. I have worked on tug boats in Alaska, oil field supply boats in the Gulf of Mexico, and tug boats in the Hawaiian Islands.


Q: Do you plan on designing any women’s apparel lines for Quantum Cat Designs?
A: Yes, I do at some point. Right now, I encourage women to browse my website and, I hope, buy some of the apparel offered. Besides finding our Business and Presentation and Class-Act Casual shirts appealing as gifts for male friends and family members, many women also buy and wear the T-shirts. Of course, the T-shirts look just as good on women as on men.


Q: When do you think you will add a women’s line of clothing to your design portfolio?
A: Before I founded Quantum Cat Designs I was only designing clothing for myself. Later I began to design clothing for my friends, family members, and co-workers. I am just sticking to men’s clothing for now, because that is what I know best. I have a good idea of how men’s clothing fits together and should look. Women’s clothing is something I feel I can design, but I will stick to what I know best at this time. I cannot say when any women’s clothing items will be offered. The T-shirts work well for women too; however, it will still be a while before any dedicated women’s T-shirts are printed with any Quantum Cat Designs images.


Q: Does Quantum Cat Designs offer any employment opportunities?
A: Yes and no. No, there are no plans to have any part- or full-time paid employees in the foreseeable future. However, I am always happy to consider working with other artists and designers on an independent contractor basis.


Q: Why make your clothes in the USA?
A: First, naturally I welcome people in countries other than the U.S. to look over my website and purchase my shirts. However, I am aware that the subject of manufacturing in America and the issue of outsourcing in general is a very politically loaded issue these days for both Americans and people living in other countries.


My reasons for keeping the production of my clothing in America have thus far been mostly for practical business reasons. The first thing I did when looking for production of my clothing line was to look into having the shirts made in Mexico. I believed that making clothing could not be done at a competitive price in America. I have since realized that this is not really true. And the issues of taxation and duties every time an item crosses the U.S.-Mexico border got to be a hassle, as well as the fact that the government of Mexico is really not interested in working with small startups, like me. The Mexican government at this time is primarily interested in attracting the investment capital of large, well established, high capital companies that will provide many hours of continuous work, for many people, for long periods of time. Thus the business prospects for Mexico did not look so good for me on closer examination.


As for China, and other Asian locations, I have been to China several times since living in Taiwan in the 1990s, and I can converse in the local language. However, dealing with local supply chains and production so far away, and with such big time zone differences, can be more trouble than it is worth.


I am aware that the outsourcing of manufacturing and service sector jobs from America and other wealthy nations over the past decades has resulted in a fast and dramatic rise in living standards for billions of people in formerly less wealthy and developed nations. Billions have benefited enormously on a world lever from the outflow of capital and work from developed nations thus far. I first visited China in 1997, and last visited in 2011. I have personally seen a truly dramatic rise in living standards for all the people of China during those 14 years. I have traveled around the world much in my life so far, and I consider myself to now be more of a citizen of the world than just an American. Nonetheless, I do believe that despite the benefits that outsourcing of manufacturing and service jobs have provided to billions of people worldwide, the people living in America still need to have jobs too, and it is unwise for America to send all of the manufacturing jobs elsewhere.


Q: What are your care instructions for the dress shirts?
A: That depends on the materials used in the shirt. Please look in the “Care by Textile Type” section of the Quantum Cat Designs website.


Q: What are your care instructions for the T-shirts?
A: I suppose that having care instructions printed on T-shirt tags is kind of like having instructions printed on shampoo bottles. Almost everybody has had a T-shirt or two over the course of their lives. T-shirts are very easy and forgiving to care for. I would recommend washing your T-shirt in cold water. If you want to use a dryer, tumble dry on medium heat. I would always recommend hang drying any shirt as opposed to putting the shirt in the dryer. You will keep your shirt in good shape longer if it is air dried. If you do not have a drying rack or a clothes line, just putting the shirt on a hanger will work.


Q: Are your T-shirts made of 100% cotton?
A: Yes, we use only 100% cotton for our T-shirts. The T- shirts do come from the factory pre -shrunk, so the T-shirts we use are more tolerant of being put in a dryer. I still recommend line or hang drying the T-shirts to keep them in good condition longer.


Q: Are your T-shirts also American made?
A: Yes, we use American Apparel T-shirts as a base to print the silk-screened designs, which are Quantum Cat Designs.


Q: Okay, so what fabrics do you use when designing your dress shirts?
A: The materials I incorporate in the designs of my dress shirts vary considerably. I tend to find materials I like and then work around the materials themselves. I often incorporate different types of fabrics into the same shirt, for instance, I might have the body of a dress shirt made out of polyester and the trimmings made out of silk.


Q: Where did your company start?
A: In Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


Q: Why do you have your garments pre-shrunk?
A: Although I recommend that line or hang drying is best for all shirts, I know that some customers will prefer to use a clothes dryer. For that reason, I have all of the dress shirts I design pre-shrunk, in order to minimize the shrinkage that is usually inevitable when using a clothes dryer.