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This shirt is a little bit of an attention getter, yet still refined and subdued enough to work well where a bit dressier look is in order. This shirt looks good at business functions and dressy banquets. This shirt works well as part of a suit and looks good by itself or worn with a neck tie.

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Why is this shirt good?

This shirt is good because it is made with the best quality materials. The resolution of a phone or LCD computer screen does no justice to the true majesty and quality of the buttons and fabric of this shirt. We source our buttons out of Germany, and pay more for this attention to quality. We also use 100% Kona cotton for the fabric parts of the shirt. Kona cotton is a high grade cotton fabric that is still under patent and copyright. Kona cotton is made with select cotton fibers given a dense thread count and tight wave during production. Kona cotton is strong and durable compared to other cottons of the same weight. Kona cotton is also made with attention to non -toxic and non -allergenic dyes. Kona cotton is approved for use as a bedding material for babies. Low quality clothing sold at low end retailers leaches heavy metals into the people wearing the garments. Cheap garments colored with toxic dyes eventually become land fill material thus poisoning the water table and eventually the entire local ecosystem. Cheap fabric dyes contain a lot of lead, cadmium, mercury, and strontium among other toxic metals. Kona cotton shirts are wonderful for those with sensitive skin.

The wholesale cost of the Kona cotton fabric for this shirt is about the same as the cost of a cheap button up men’s shirt at your typical box mart. Image this shirt to be a great long term wardrobe accessory.

Besides being made of great materials the final assembly of this shirt is all in the USA, thus providing jobs to Americans and supporting American industry. Despite America being considered a high income country on a world level there are still Americans struggling financially who would appreciate your support.


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