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What can I say; life is not black and white, just infinite shades of gray. This shirt is intended to be subtle and elegant. This shirt is suitable for a night out, dinner at a nice restaurant or a business meeting. This shirt looks good with or without a neck tie.

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What justifies the cost of this shirt?

Any good chef will tell you that select ingredients produce the finest of cuisine. Likewise, the best components make the best of clothing. The resolution of your phone or computer monitor cannot do real justice to the quality of the buttons or fabric of this shirt. Every one of our All Occasions Dress Shirts uses high end buttons sourced from Germany, and every color of shirt has its own button style. This article of clothing is also made of 100% Kona cotton. Kona cotton is a trade- marked and patented type of cotton used primarily for quilting. Kona cotton production starts by choosing a more expensive grade of cotton fiber. Kona cotton also has an unusually high thread count and dense weave giving this fabric unusual strength and durability for its weight. Kona cotton is made with the some of the most non-toxic and non- allergenic dyes available. An awful lot of cheap clothing sold at discount retailers these days is made with fabrics that were colored by cheap dyes containing a soup of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Allergenic reactions and subtle heavy metal poisoning is common from low quality fabrics. Toxically dyed fabrics eventually end up in landfills where these toxins enter the water table and eventually the entire ecosystem. Kona cotton is approved for the manufacturing of bedding material for babies. Kona cotton is a real boon for those with sensitive skin.

The wholesale price of fabric needed to produce one of our All Occasions dress shirts has about the same price tag as a cheap button up shirt sold at a typical large box mart store. Our shirts cost a bit more, but you get what you pay for. Think of a shirt like this one as a great long term outfit addition.

Besides being made of the best fabric, this shirt is sewn together in the USA and helps support American industry and provides jobs for Americans. Despite America being considered a wealthy country there are a lot of people in need of work and struggling financially these days.


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