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Women of style and class are the ones who would buy and wear this shirt! This shirt has a design that is intricate and complex and was not easy for the printer to produce, thus the cost is a bit higher than what is commonly asked for t-shirts at the local box mart. This shirt is also a bit more socially responsible to buy than the shirts on offer at box mart stores. We at Quantum Cat Designs still make all of our clothing in the USA. We believe in supporting American business and industry and providing jobs for Americans. We also use 100% cotton shirts, and print out own custom labels on the back side of the collars of all our t-shirts.

This design was also based on a painting by local San Diego artist Grace Helms. This image is the same image as the Ariel design, just without the flowing hair. I cannot say exactly what possessed me to do a design of Ariel without the flowing hair, but the Ariel image without the flowing hair still looks cool. This shirt is a bit simpler than the regular Ariel design, but sometimes simplicity is good. Sometimes less is more. The whole idea of less is more, starkness and simplicity seems to have worked well for Scandinavian furniture makers for quite some time. Ikea is popular for some reason besides just offering low prices.


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