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What separates this shirt from other printed T-shirts?

For starters, this shirt has a unique and stylish graphic printed on the front. This image is both tender and touching while adding a bit of whimsy and lightness. The image is attention getting and memorable. This design was difficult and time consuming for the printers to get right. This design is also intricate and complex and has many colors, thus making the cost of production somewhat high. This shirt also costs a bit more than what is commonly offered by large retailers because it is printed on 100% cotton and has our unique and cool Quantum Cat Designs logo printed on the back part of the collar. This shirt is also made in the USA, thus making it cost a bit more, but buying this shirt helps support American industry and provide American jobs.

This design is based on another original painting by San Diego artist Adelaide Marcus. I looked at this image and saw immediately that this would work well for a women’s t-shirt print. This shirt has a nice balanced mix of tenderness contrasted with a good dash of spice and soul. This shirt is great for a morning outing for breakfast or a trip to the beach.


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