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What justifies the price of this shirt?

The price of this shirt is justified because this shirt is made of better stuff! The exceptional quality of the fabric and buttons making up this shirt cannot be properly captured by the resolution of a phone or computer liquid crystal display. This shirt has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The buttons on this shirt are different from the buttons on the other color variations for the same shirt line. We use high end artistic buttons sourced from Germany which are intended for the art project sewing market. 100% Kona cotton fabric is used for the cloth parts of this shirt. Kona cotton is a trademarked and patented type of cotton cloth originally intended for the quilting market. Kona cotton is manufactured with high grade select cotton fiber woven into a high thread count fabric with an unusually tight weave. Kona cotton is much stronger and more durable than other cotton fabrics of the same weight. A garment made of Kona cotton will last longer. Kona cotton is also made with keen thought given to coloring with safe and non-toxic dyes. Kona cotton is approved for use in bedding for babies and small children. Unfortunately, discount retail chains hawk clothing made of fabrics colored with toxic dyes that slowly leach lead, mercury, and other toxins into the bodies of the people wearing this clothing. Kona cotton is a great find for people with allergies or skin sensitivities. Garments colored with toxic dyes eventually end up packing landfills and leaching toxins into ground water and eventually contaminating the entire local ecosystem.

My wholesale price per shirt for the Kona cotton used to manufacture this article of clothing is about the same as the retail price as a button up shirt sold at a large discount clothing retailer. I believe the quality and longevity of the fabric used in this shirt justifies the higher production cost. This shirt is a good long term fashionable attire option.

Besides being good looking and durable, this shirt is sewn together in the USA. Quantum Cat Designs has made a commitment to keeping production in the USA to help support American industry and provide jobs for Americans. In spite of America still being classified as a high income country on a world level, there are still many Americans struggling financially who would appreciate your support.

Style Points: The Penguin design is a good accessory for work in offices and other settings where a little bit of subdued elegance is desired. This basic black and white color scheme works for a variety of occasions, including a night out with friends. The color scheme of this shirt is very flexible, but the artistic buttons make for a great conversation starter and a way of showing a bit of personal artistic flair.


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