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Purple Haze

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Why should I buy this shirt and not another one?

The first reason you should buy this shirt because is unique and cool; imitated but never duplicated! The resolution of a liquid crystal screen on a phone or other device can not accurately capture the quality of the buttons or fabric used in the making of this shirt. Like all of our All Occasions men’s dress shirts, the buttons are different for each color variation. The buttons used when making this garment are art project type buttons sourced from Germany. These German sourced buttons have a higher price tag than most buttons used for dress shirts. This shirt is also made of 100% Kona cotton fabric. Kona cotton is a patented and trademarked type of cotton fabric originally developed for the quilting market. Kona cotton production begins by selecting the highest grade of cotton fibers then spinning this select cotton fiber into a high thread count fabric with an unusually tight and dense weave. Kona cotton fabric is unusually strong and durable compared to cotton cloth of the same weight. Kona cotton also uses the most non-allergenic and non-toxic dyes possible. Kona cotton is approved for use in sleepwear for infants and small children. Unfortunately, low end garments sold at discount retailers are made with toxic dyes that leach lead, cadmium, and a host of other toxic chemicals into the people wearing this clothing. Kona cotton is great for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Toxic dyes used to color cheap clothing eventually work their way into the ground water and the entire chain of life due to old articles of clothing making up a high portion of the mass in landfills.

The wholesale cost of Kona cotton per shirt is about on par with what a cheap men’s button up shirt would cost at a local big box retailer; however, people get what they pay for. Think of a shirt like this one as a great long term addition to your wardrobe.

All of our dress shirts are still sewn together in the USA. We at Quantum Cat Designs believe in supporting American Industry and providing jobs for Americans. Despite America still officially being classified as a wealthy nation, there is no shortage of Americans struggling financially these days who would appreciate your support.


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