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Rhythm & Blues

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Why should I buy this shirt?!

This shirt is really stylish and cool for starters. The resolution of a liquid crystal display screen on a phone or computer does not do justice to the great quality of the buttons or fabric used in this shirt. No doubt, this shirt costs a bit more than a shirt at box mart. The wholesale cost of fabric that went into making this shirt is about on par with the cost of a cheap men’s button up shirt on offer at a lot of giant discount clothing retail chains. The buttons on this shirt are sourced out of Germany and do cost a bit more. The fabric used to make this shirt is 100% Kona cotton. Kona cotton is a patented and trade- marked type of cotton fabric primarily used by quilters. Kona cotton is made by using select cotton fibers woven into a fabric with a high thread count and dense loom weave. Kona cotton makes for shirts that will last a while. Kona cotton is still very breathable and is made with the most nontoxic and non -allergenic dyes possible. Kona cotton is approved for use in bedding for babies. Low end mass produced garments are made out of fabric that was colored with toxic dyes that contain lead, mercury, and cadmium among other nasty ingredients. Cheap textiles do leach toxic heavy metals into the bodies of people wearing clothing made from these fabrics. Kona cotton is wonderful for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Disposal of low end garments colored by toxic dye is also a problem because this fabric eventually winds up leaching toxins into the soil and ground water underneath landfills.

The wholesale cost of the Kona cotton necessary to produce one shirt like this one is about the same as the retail cost of a cheap button up shirt at a huge low end retailer. The production cost of our shirts is high for good reason. Please think of this shirt as a great long term wardrobe compliment.

Besides looking great and being made of better materials, this shirt was made in the USA and helps to support American industry and provide jobs for Americans. Yes, America is still statistically a high income country on a world level, but there are still plenty of Americans struggling financially these days who would value your support.


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