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Why should I buy anything here?

You should buy this shirt from Quantum Cat Designs first because it is stylish and cool! That is reason enough! This shirt has a complex and intricate design that was not easy or fast to produce. It was also difficult to find a print shop willing to print this design for me, for this reason and other reasons a shirt like this one costs a bit more that what is typically asked at giant retail chain stores. Like all of the shirts made by Quantum Cat Designs this shirt is made of 100% cotton and features our specially printed and unique label on the back of the collar. We have also made a commitment to keeping production in the USA, thus doing our part to support American industry and help provide jobs for Americans.

This design is based on an original painting by San Diego based artist Adelaide Marcus. I chose the name sirocco because this image invokes thoughts of the North African deserts. I thought about calling this design Caspah, but settled on sirocco. Caspah is a Berber word meaning an old walled fortress city typical of North Africa. The venerable old band The Clash had a famous song called Rock the Caspah. Sirocco is a Berber word giving name to North African desert winds. I decided on sirocco because the first car I bought was a Volkswagen Sirocco. The Volkswagen sirocco was a cheap sports car whose production discontinued many years ago. This cheap rocket was popular with young males; just the kind car insurance companies lay awake at night worrying about. That particular car was relatively easy on the gas pump, but was not the most reliable or vehicles. I mostly bought it because it instantly hooked me the first time I took it on the highway and watched the speedometer rapidly climb to 130 miles an hour with no difficulty; not the wisest purchase, but I was young and foolish back then. This design is an eye catcher and a great addition to any wardrobe of sophistication. This shirt is a great find and a good way to make a statement to show your great taste and bold self-expression. A definite must for art lovers and connoisseurs of clothing.


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