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Zona Rosa

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Is there a good reason this shirt has the price tag that it does?

Absolutely!! There are plenty of great reasons to buy this shirt! This shirt is made with great materials and an attention to quality and detail most other dress shirts lack. The resolution of a computer monitors or liquid crystal displays on new telephones do not adequately capture the quality and style of this shirt. This shirt has its own style of buttons like all of the color variations in our All Occasions dress shirt line. The buttons on this shirt were sourced from a high end button manufacturer in Germany. The fabric used to make this shirt is 100% Kona cotton. Kona cotton is a trademarked and patented type of cotton cloth originally intended for the quilting and craft sewing market. Kona cotton is made with the most select cotton fibers woven into a high thread count fabric with an unusually tight weave. The high thread count and dense weave of Kona cotton make for a fabric that is unusually strong and durable for its weight. Kona cotton is also manufactured with a close eye to minimizing toxins and allergens in the fabric dye. Kona cotton uses the least toxic dyes available when coloring the fabric. Kona cotton is approved for use as bedding material for babies. Low end retailers sell clothing made with toxic dyes that leach lead, cadmium, mercury, and strontium into the bodies of the people wearing these outfits. Garments made of Kona cotton are wonderful for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Low end fabrics colored by toxic dyes eventually wind up in landfills where these toxic heavy metals leach into the ground water and effect the entire local ecosystem.

Kona cotton costs more, but produces a shirt that will last longer and look better. The wholesale cost of fabric when making this shirt was about on par with the retail cost of a cheap button up shirt commonly found at a box mart retailer near you. Yes our shirts cost a bit more, but ultimately you get what you pay for. It is best to envision this shirt as a good long term arrow in your wardrobe quiver.

In addition to being made of better materials, our dress shirts are sewn together in the USA. We at Quantum Cat Designs are doing our part to support American industry and provide jobs for Americans. Despite America still being classified as a high income nation, there are plenty of Americans struggling financially at this time who would dearly value your support.


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